Thursday, 24 September 2015


Stand-up comedy is a form of comedy that, for the most part, is conveyed by a performance entertainer talking straightforwardly to the crowd in an unconstrained way.

In stand-up comedy, the feedback of the audience is immediate and essential for the comedian’s performance. The gathering expects an exceptional act and a constant flow of snickers, and the entertainer is constantly under pressure to perform.

Stand-up, in the structure it is known today, is an emphatically American creation, with its roots retreating back to the mid-1800s. Up until that time comedy was the restrictive space of the theater. The inadvertent granddad of stand-up comedy was Thomas Dartmouth "Daddy" Rice, the man accredited with evolving the troubadour shows.

A significant number of the most punctual vaudeville-period stand-ups picked up their more noteworthy acknowledgment on the radio. They regularly opened their projects with topical monologues, portrayed by advertisement libs and examinations about anything from the most recent movies to a missed birthday. Every project had a tendency to be separated into the opening monologue, musical number, trailed by a production or story schedule. A "fight" between Fred Allen and Jack Benny was utilized as a comic material for about 10 years.

Radio, film, and particularly TV had an effect on Stand-up comedy, and the prominence of these mediums by implication molded our fine art.
 Continuing that tradition, most modern stand-up comedians use television or motion pictures, Social Media, Websites, Blogs to reach a level of success and recognition unattainable in the comedy-club circuit alone.
Today stand-up comedy is also redefining nightlife by adding more fun in it and making it happening. It has become a trend to invite a stand-up comedian into any public gathering or corporate party on any social get together to add extra spark to it.

Since the mid-2000s, many online video-sharing sites have provided a platform to stand-up comedians, and numerous humorists shows can be watched online.

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