Monday, 11 May 2015

My "big marketing idea" to promote Myntra APP

Mobile Application showcasing is a mind boggling methodology that takes up a considerable measure of time and exertion for the advertiser included. On the other hand, it can likewise yield monstrous advantages if a legitimately arranged and executed advertising procedure lives up to expectations among the masses. 

All in all, how would you go about arranging out a portable application showcasing method that can likewise ensure accomplishment to a huge degree?

Here are my suggestions::  

  • v Blog post with a catchy Title that stands out from the rest [on all Leading BLOG with a little incentive to reader].

    v Need to use relevant keyword to describe your app on the App Store. 

    v Encourage users to review app, as higher rating attracts users.

    v Bring a Buddy :: Give away promo codes / small gratification for user who successfully refer and bring their friends on Apps.

    v App should be available on all App Store that are available in India.

    v Need to promote app with a Facebook Page/Twitter on an aggressive way. [E.g. if user login on APP with Facebook Credential, he should know the status of his/her friends and can ask suggestion for his choice on App].

    v Need to Create a YouTube Video of the App that can attract Mass.

    v Must have someone popular face to endorse the app.

    v Need Advertise on Social Media regularly by highlighting its unique features.

    v Need to use mobile advertising networks to drive installs.

    v Need to collect RAW DATA from mobile operators to validate the Smart phone user, so that App can be promoted to the potential buyer.

    v Need to Advertise on relevant blogs.

    v Need to promote on your Twitter and Facebook links.

    v Need to Distribute Promotional Materials / Gifts at relevant events.

    v Need to Demo the App at relevant events e.g. Fashion Shows, Live

    v Events, Special SALE event on all Leading Mall etc.

    v Need to Social Gaming Network like Raptr, Playfire, Duxter.

    v Should have to allow users to Share your App via Facebook within the App.

    v Allow users to Share your App via Twitter within the App.

    v App description should be that attracts users to install the app.

    v Need to use Catchy screen shots on Newsletter that attracts users to install the app.

    v Have to Participate actively in Q&A websites such as Quora, LinkedIn Answers, Yahoo Answers.

    v Need to advertise in all Leading Fashion Magazine.

    v Need to Advertise on Facebook by targeting similar apps that users liked on Facebook.

    v Need to use reward networks to keep the user engaged on App.

    v Need to organise Free App Installation Camp at all premium educational Institute, with a contest. Give-away free prizes that people WANT!

    v Need to reach out to all Leading Tech writers and pitch them about App.

    v Need to use incentivized networks to drive installs of App like MCENT, FreeBUltimate, and FreePaisa etc.

    v Need to create a slide share presentation demonstrating the features of the app.


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