Tuesday, 31 March 2015

WhatsApp Voice Calling now available on Android

WhatsApp Voice Calling now available on Android

WHATSAPP calling option now is by all accounts open for Android & Blackberry 10 users, no inquiries asked, no INVITE required, no hacks needed. The main "catch" is that you need to have Latest version of WHATSAPP (2.12.5), which you can download from PLAY STORE or on WhatsApp's site.

WhatsApp began taking off voice calling feature for Android clients earlier. It was accessible just as “invite-only” basis that opened sometimes, which obliged an individual who already have calling feature on WHATSAPP to call you to unlock it.

Presently, after the latest upgradation of WhatsApp (2.12.5) that can be side-stacked on your Mobile, everybody using Android cell phones can enjoy WhatsApp calling without INVITE.

I have tried it on a few cell phones where WHATSAPP 2.11.528 running and found that its working fine.

Moreover, WhatsApp voice calling also working on Blackberry 10 devices where Whatsapp 2.11.1201 running. (BB Q10,Q5)

The call quality is good on WiFi, however on 3G and 2G it was not the best. This may enhance over the time. WhatsApp calling highlight is right now accessible just on Android and Blackberry 10. It is required to take off to different Platform soon. WhatsApp is yet to dispatch WhatsApp calling formally. 

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