Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Live in the Present

THEME::  Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’

Any Woman with children realizes that being a mother is a full-time work. Yet that is by all account not the only job that numerous ladies have. Today, almost seventy five percent of mothers are juggling occupations and families.

But to do that, Woman always face tough task at home and abroad. Because, World still think that “enjoying a cup of tea at home without having to worry about work” is not easy task for woman. For the same woman had to face perilous task and sometimes they need to choose only one task… that is either…. Or…;

But there are only few who able to enjoy the varied experiences that life has to offer & dare to choose both i.e. ‘AND’ by beating the ‘OR’.

Here I am going to tell about my Better-Half… Mrs. Nabanita Chowdhury (Ghosh); about her struggle to be a Homemaker without quitting her job after birth of our 1st baby.

She is a School Teacher by profession, but after birth of our first daughter, my family members were putting pressure on her to quit the job and to be the Stay-At-Home Mom. They are asking her to choose Baby ‘OR’ Job.

But she was confident about her ability to maintain both and convinced us by saying that “My body had the baby, but my brain still works”.

And today she balance the role of wife, mother and Teacher very well and making a successful journey from ‘OR to ‘AND’.

Now I can say the real heroes are the women who have to juggle their job, family, being a wife and being a mom, and don't have the resources to pay for help.

Here are a just some of her self-imposed Superwoman commandments:

  • Always put yourself last,
  • Stress and burnout is her comfort zone.
  • Never say "No" to anything.
  • Torture only self with guilt when she didn’t complete her to do list
  • And never ever look up from laptop until  finished everything…

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