Monday, 1 December 2014

Looks Do Count

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Non-shaven face may work for a few gentlemen, but in a professional workplace, the flawless look still bodes well. Shaving often can be ones companion. It instantly renders a level of smoothness to persona. Further, most men have a tendency to look more enthusiastic and invigorated with clean shaven face.

If we take look at ancient History, Statues of Alexander the Great and members of his army depict clean-shaven faces, a radical departure from the classic Hellenistic beard. Historians have speculated that Alexander ordered his men to maintain a clean-shaven face because a beard and long hair could offer a handhold to an enemy during battle..!

Despite the fact that the aphorism “Don't judge a book by its cover” urges individuals to move past basic appearances and get to know the genuine individual, it neglects to recognize a mental reality. Studies have established that inside 15 seconds of gathering shockingly, individuals structure enduring impressions of one another. Those early introductions are exceptionally hard to succeed, particularly in the event that they are negative.

Here I am sharing one of my “Unforgettable” experience about a JOB Interview where the reason of my disqualification was A Non-Shaven Face.
It was my first interview with a top notch MNC Telecom giant, where I have cleared my first three rounds of Interview successfully. It was only the HR round left, the Last hurdle to take a giant leap.

The Interviewer started the conversation in a very casual manner. But at one point, he point at my “stubble beards” and told me that in this industry, “looks do count”…..

After that he just told me “have a beard or be clean-shaven” and end the conversation. He ask me to wait for next call which never come.
I lost that Golden opportunity only because of not being clean shaven, else my story could been different today.

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