Tuesday, 26 August 2014

10 Awesome TIPS for Your Blackberry

BlackBerry Hot Tips


  • You can use §PÉçíÀL Çhà®àÇtÉ®§ on your QWERTY  BlackBerry by holding down a letter key & swiping your trackpad or trackball.   


  • Press Alt + Left Shift + H simultaneously to access your BlackBerry smartphone "Help Me" screen.


  • Simply hold down the Shift key to copy the text.


  • To reply to all in an email or PIN message on your BlackBerry smartphone, press L.


  • Ever have to dial a 1-800 number with letters using your BlackBerry? Hold ALT while typing the letters and dial.


  • Long email & can't read it all? Close it, open it later & press G, it will take you back to where you left off.


  • Need to insert an at sign (@) or a period (.) in an email address field? Press the Space key.


  • Looking for CAPS lock? Hold the ALT and Right Shift (aA) key. For number lock hold ALT and the left Shift KeyIn a Message press the Shift key & the Space key to move up a screen. Press the Space key to move down a screen.


  • Hold the ALT key and press the Left Shift key to lock numbers when typing. Press the Left Shift key again to unlock.


  • Want to quickly flag an email on your BlackBerry? Just put the cursor over the message in your inbox and press "W"!

Bonus Tips:


  For BlackBerry 7.1 users, did you know there is a battery saving mode under Options>Device

  Make your BlackBerry more secure by adding a Password lock under Options>Security

  Going into a movie? Forgot to put your BlackBerry to silent? Not to worry, hold the Q key to change to enable Vibrate mode!


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